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Face Mask Hooks - 10 pack - RESTOCKING VERY SOON!!!

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COVID-19 sucks, our goal is to make it suck a little less.

The Hooks just went viral and we can't keep up with demand.  We will restock them as quickly as we can.

Shipping is a large cost for these items, please consider donating to help us continue.  All unused proceeds will be sent to a local charity.


We have friends and family on the front lines of this fight.  A common complaint from those who wear a face mask all day is the backs of the ears become raw and irritated.  These hooks solve that problem by taking the elastic off the ears.

These hooks are totally free, order as many as you feel you need.  They come in 10 packs. 

If you would like to donate to this effort please feel free here, all donations will be put toward materials and shipping costs only.  Anything extra will be sent straight to a local charity, Katy Christian Ministries (  KCM provides local families and individuals the resources to fight poverty, food insecurity, domestic violence, and sexual assault since 1984.



  • These transparent acrylic hooks are crystal clear under a protective film both sides
  • Laser cut with clear polished edges -- this item is not cut with a saw or blade.
  • Durable 1/8" thick acrylic material will hold up to abuse
  • Hooks are 3 inches in total length.

The acrylic is 1/8" thick. The edges of the acrylic are polished and clear. All you need to do is remove the protective coating on both sides of the acrylic and it is ready to use.  Removing the protective film can be difficult at times, but work from the edges with tweezers and it should come right off.

These acrylic parts are laser cut in the USA by My Local Maker. Let us help you make!