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Circles - Acrylic Key Chain Blanks with Cut file - 10 Pack (no hardware)

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Brand: My Local Maker


  • We've Got What You Need: The cut files to cut your vinyl are included. Simply download using the link provided on the package. We know its hard to match up all the graphics for a custom project. That's why we include them all for you. You get the 1/8" acrylic keychain blanks and vector cut files for the shape. We even provide support for problems you may come across when making your custom keychains from our acrylic blanks.
  • Unmatched Clarity: We use the far superior CAST ACRYLIC so your custom keychain project look great. Most acrylic keychain blanks are made from cheap, low quality extruded acrylic. Our products are guaranteed free of blemishes with precise edges.
  • Remarkable Durability: 1/8" acrylic plexiglass material will hold up to abuse. The strongest acrylic keychain blanks material on the market. Perfect for kids, or banging around in your bag.
  • Protected for You: Each acrylic keychain blank is wrapped in a protective film to ensure you receive the most perfect acrylic blank possible.
  • The My Local Maker Advantage: Over 10,000 acrylic keychain blanks sold all over the globe. Our #1 goal is to help DIY'ers like you make superior quality custom keychains.

Publisher: My Local Maker


Acrylic keychain blanks for custom keychains and vinyl key rings. My Local Maker provides premium cast acrylic keychain blanks for helping you make high quality custom key chains or key rings. To make eye popping custom keychains, all you need to do is remove the protective coating on both sides of the acrylic and apply your decoration.

These acrylic keychain blanks are perfect for making custom keychains for crafting projects, team gifts, teacher gifts, monogramming, luggage tags, wedding or birthday take homes, or just trying to organize those loose keys in the junk drawer. Make acrylic keychains for just about any occasion. These can make such a thoughtful gift. Put one key or many keys on these acrlyic key chains, it doesn't matter!

Each package contains 1/8 inch premium cast acrylic cut to size with precise flame polished edges and a link to download the cut file for the shape. Simply remove the protective film from both sides of the acrylic and apply your decoration. Removing the protective film can be difficult at times, but work from the edges with tweezers or a blade and it should come right off.

These premium acrylic blanks are laser cut in the USA by My Local Maker. Let us help you make!