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Large Acrylic Circles

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  • Acrylic circle discs - These transparent acrylic discs are crystal clear under a protective film both sides
  • Acrylic circle discs are laser cut with clear polished edges. This item is not cut with a saw or blade and the quality proves that.
  • 1/8" thick durable acrylic material will hold up to abuse
  • These are perfect for wall signs, cake bases, cupcakes, DIY coasters, aquariums.
  • These acrylic circles have tons of uses like wall decorations, cake displays, cake holders, signs, decorations, aquariums, or anything you can think of.



Acrylic circle disc. This transparent disk is a premium crystal clear acrylic blank circle. The acrylic circle is 1/8" thick. The edges of the acrylic are polished and clear. All you need to do is remove the protective coating on both sides of the acrylic and it is ready to use.

These acrylic blanks are perfect for displays, holding baked goods, cake bases, decorating, signs, or any other project you can think of. There are so many uses for a shape like this, aquariums, table tops, crafts, display, coasters, to many to list.

Each circle is 1/8 inch premium acrylic cut to size with crystal clear edges. Circle diameter measurement is +/-1/16" but will be consistent with no wobble. Simply remove the protective film from both sides of the acrylic and use or apply your decoration. Removing the protective film can be difficult at times, but work from the edges with tweezers and it should come right off.

These premium acrylic blanks are laser cut in the USA by My Local Maker. Let us help you make!